Where can I register to vote?

Print and Mail in the Illinois Voter Registration Application
In person with a Registrar
Online using Illinois Online Voter Registration Application Website
The Will County Clerk’s Office using Grace Period Registration and Voting
Your Polling Place on Election Day

Two forms of identification are required when registering:

  • one must show your current name and address
  • only one may be a piece of mail postmarked within the past 30 days
  • some acceptable forms of identification:
    Driver’s License  •  State ID Card  •  Utility Bill  •  Checkbook  •  Library Card  •  Credit Card  •  Birth Certificate  • Social Security Card  •  Employee ID Card  •  Student ID Card  •  Insurance Card

You also may be able to register to vote when applying for services at the following places: - Department of Healthcare and Family Services - Department of Human Services offices - Department of Public Health offices - Driver’s License Facilities

For more information  on registering to vote, please visit the Will County Clerks Website at https://www.thewillcountyclerk.com/elections/voter-services/register-to-vote/ 

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