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Posted on: December 6, 2023

Request for Qualifications - Comprehensive Plan




The Village of Elwood, Illinois invites Statements of Qualifications (SOQs) from qualified planning and engineering firms to assist the Village in preparing its Comprehensive Plan. The project will replace the Village’s 2008 Comprehensive Plan. As part of the selection process, interested consultants are required to submit a Statement of Qualifications (SOQ) to perform the requested work.

The SOQ shall be submitted to the Village no later than 10:00 AM local time on Friday, December 29, 2023. The submittal shall include one (1) original document, three (3) hard copies, and one (1) electronic copy in .pdf form on a flash drive. Any SOQ received after the noted deadline may not be used as part of the consultant selection process.

All questions related to the Comprehensive Plan Request for Qualifications must be submitted to Julie Friebele, Village Administrator ( by 12:00 PM, Monday, December 22, 2023.

Anticipated Schedule of Events:

December 6, 2023 – RFQ posted to Village website

December 19, 2023 – All questions due to Village

December 22, 2023 – All questions answered via Addendum

December 29, 2023 – Statement of Qualifications due to Village

January 5, 2024 – Firm selection and negotiations

January 10, 2024 – Village Board Meeting

January 12, 2024 – Final Agreement submitted to Joliet Arsenal Development Authority (JADA)


All SOQ submittals must be thorough, complete, and accurate. The Consultant is encouraged to make the proposal as concise as possible. The entire proposal must not exceed 20 single-sided pages or 10  double-sided pages, excluding front and back covers, Table of Contents, resumes, and any tab/divider sheets separating sections of the report (note that tabs and section breaks are not required). The submittal should include the following information:  

  1. Cover letter (one page maximum, on the letterhead of the firm transmitting the qualifications): Include name of the firm, local address, and the name, telephone number, and email address of the Principal Point of Contact authorized to business on behalf of the firm.
  2. Firm Background (four pages maximum): Provide a general description of the capabilities of the firm, including information related to its history, overall size, location of company headquarters, local office location, and type of business (partnership, corporation, etc.).   For proposed subconsultants, please provide the name of each firm, the office location, contact name, email, and telephone number and the services to be provided.
  3. Project Manager Experience (four pages maximum): Briefly summarize the Project Team’s relevant experience within the last five to 10 years.  Provide a minimum of three (3) relevant projects that are similar in scope and magnitude to this project, and identify the role, if any, of the proposed Project Team members involved.  
  4. Project Team (two pages maximum, not including resumes): Provide a project team list or organizational chart identifying the technical team members and subconsultants proposed for this assignment, their availability, and a brief biography of each team member including specific experience, project roles, and office location where they currently work.  Only staff to be directly involved in the execution of the project shall be included, with particular attention given to the Project Manager and technical staff.  Provide Project Manager’s current workload and ability to complete the project and meet all compliance schedule dates.
  5. Project Understanding and Approach (six pages maximum): A brief technical approach regarding the firm’s abilities to perform the required planning services.
  6. Project Schedule (two pages maximum): Indicate the approximate timelines for the completion of project milestones. This should include an indication of the personnel capacity to complete the project on schedule.
  7. Planning References (one page maximum): Provide at least three client references for comprehensive Plans and other relevant planning assignments the firm has undertaken.

The Village of Elwood will not accept any proposals except as outlined above. Any proposal submitted unsealed or unsigned, received via fax transmissions or received subsequent to the aforementioned date and time may be disqualified and returned to the respondent.


The selection criteria and weightings for project selection are as indicated below:  

1.   Technical Approach (20%). Project understanding and the entity’s approach to perform comprehensive planning services and related items that are required for successful project completion. The Technical Approach should also focus on any differentiators the firm and personnel may have, as well as any project specific issues and challenges.

2.   Firm Experience (30%). The entity’s general experience, stability, and specific experience on planning projects similar to the one under consideration.

3.   Staff Capabilities (prime and subconsultants, 30%). The education, experience, and expertise of the entity’s key employees as they relate to the proposed scope of services.

4.   Schedule (10%). Quality of the Consultant’s schedule, including how expeditiously the work can be completed realistically.

5.   Specialized Expertise (10%). Entity’s specialized expertise in relation to the project’s funding and scope of services.

A selection committee comprised of staff from the Village will evaluate the SOQs. The SOQs will be reviewed, evaluated, and scored using the criteria and weights defined above. The SOQ will be used by Village staff to select the most qualified consultant. Interviews will not be held. All consultants who submitted qualifications will be notified when the results are completed, along with the top three firms and their overall scores. Additional results and scoring breakdowns will not be provided.

The top ranked firm will be notified, and a final scope of services will be negotiated. If an agreement cannot be reached with the top ranked firm, the Village will start negotiations with the next highest ranked firm. The Professional Services Agreement format will be Lump Sum, including direct and indirect expenses.

The Village of Elwood reserves the right at any time and for any reason to cancel this consultant procurement process or to reject any SOQ. The Village reserves the right to discard any immaterial SOQ. The Village may seek clarification from a submittal at any time and respond promptly if there is cause for rejection. Any and all costs associated with preparing the SOQ shall be the at the sole expense of the Consultant.


The Village of Elwood, Illinois is seeking to hire a qualified consultant firm or team to provide professional land use planning services; specifically, to prepare the Village's Comprehensive Plan update.  It is anticipated that the Comprehensive Plan will be developed over a six-month planning period, after which there will be a two-month period to convene public hearings in support of Plan adoption. The Consultant will work closely with the Village Board, Planning & Zoning Commission, an ad hoc Comprehensive Plan Advisory Committee (CPAC), and Village Staff.  The primary contact at the staff level will be the Village Administrator.  The Consultant will work with all of the above entities to define and establish the process of final approval and adoption of the Comprehensive Plan document by the Village Board.

The Comprehensive Plan is intended to assist the Village Board and the Planning & Zoning Commission in identifying a common and preferred direction regarding how the Village should grow and develop as identified by residents, business owners, stakeholders, and the community. The Comprehensive Plan will help to establish a shared vision for the future and a realistic implementation action plan to achieve it. The planning process will consider the realities of changing economic and demographic conditions while building broad community consensus on the key values that define the Village of Elwood.  This effort will integrate the community’s future visions, goals, and policies for implementation over the next 20 years.  In general, this effort will:  

  • Build on past and current plans and documents
  • Seek valuable public input toward the creation of new community goals and objectives
  • Consider local, regional, and national trends/challenges and their implications for Elwood
  • Update existing and create new implementation priorities
  • Provide resources to appropriately guide new development and redevelopment within the community while meeting the demands that come with community growth; and
  • Build support for the creation and adoption of new policies

The trajectory of the Comprehensive Plan shall be guided by a public engagement program. In order to learn about current community values and needs as well as to inform and educate the public about the principles of sustainable growth, a major emphasis of the planning process will be on public engagement. The Consultant shall prepare a strategy for informing and soliciting input from the public regarding Plan direction.  The Plan will be structured based upon a series of strategic elements, which may include a Vision for the future; guiding principles; goals and objectives; strategies and actions; and policies).




Plan Elements

Major Elements to be included in the Comprehensive Plan:

  • Introduction – Village history and community characteristics; relevant demographic/psychographic overview, and population projections
  • Regulatory Review – Summary of land use, zoning, subdivision regulations, Engineering Standards Manual (if available), etc.
  • Transportation – vehicular circulation (thoroughfare functional classification, level of service, crash data and hot spots, trip generation) including a Thoroughfare Plan
  • Utilities Infrastructure Services (water; sanitary sewer; storm sewer) – capacities, ability to support projected population, deficiencies, expansion plans
  • Public Services (Police, Fire, and EMS) – critical facilities and equipment, response times, needed facility/equipment upgrades, etc.
  • Land Use and Community Character - existing land use; patterns of growth; land use designations and character classifications; Future Land Use Map
  • Implementation – Implementation Action Plan, including timeframe, action leaders, etc.

Beyond the above-mentioned plan elements, responders to this Request for Qualifications are invited to provide any options for elements deemed appropriate to enhance this Comprehensive Plan.


The contract will include a detailed Exhibit A, Scope of Services, with the activities and issues to be addressed and will identify specific project goals and schedule milestones developed and agreed to by the Consultant and the Village of Elwood. Exhibit B, Responsibilities of the Village, will summarize the expected responsibilities of the Village in facilitating the development of the Comprehensive Plan; and Exhibit C, Basis of Compensation, will include the project’s associated fee schedule. Exhibits A, B, and C will be incorporated as part of the contract.  


The Village of Elwood reserves the right to reject any and all proposals if it is deemed in the best interest of the Village. The Village assumes no responsibility for costs incurred in responding to this RFP.   


Invoices shall include an accounting of the capital resources utilized during the billing period; the total billed to date; the total remaining in the contract, including any subsequently approved supplemental agreements; a statement regarding services rendered during the billing period, including the progress of the project; and a statement regarding what services will be provided during the next billing period.  Progress payments will be made monthly.  The Village of Elwood is exempt from any sales tax and a tax exemption certificate can be provided if requested.


The Village of Elwood recognizes that responders’ Statement of Qualifications (SOQs) may include proprietary or confidential information. The Village will take every reasonable precaution in protecting such information provided that it is clearly identified as proprietary or confidential on the page on which it appears. However, the Village is subject to the Illinois Freedom of Information Act and must disclose records as required by the Act. SOQs submitted in response to this RFQ will not be returned.


By submitting a response to this RFQ, each consultant expressly waives any and all rights that it may have to object to, protest or seek legal remedies whatsoever regarding any aspect of this request, the Village’s selection of the top consultant, the Village’s rejection of any or all responses, and any subsequent agreement that might be entered into as a result of this request.